Leicester draw at Man United to move to brink of title

first_imgLeicester City must wait at least one more day for their first-ever Premier League title after drawing 1-1 with Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday.Claudio Ranieri’s side failed to get the victory that would have brought the silverware but they will be crowned champions on Monday if second-placed Tottenham Hotspur, who trail them by eight points, fail to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, where they have not won since 1990.Hopes of a Leicester triumph on Sunday suffered an early setback when striker Anthony Martial put United ahead with a neat right-foot finish from Antonio Valencia’s eighth-minute cross.The goal galvanised Leicester, who equalised nine minutes later when captain Wes Morgan headed home a Danny Drinkwater free kick.The visitors thought they deserved a penalty when Riyad Mahrez clashed with Marcos Rojo in the United area, but without the suspended Jamie Vardy they lacked their usual threat on the break.United could have grabbed a late winner but Leicester keeper Kasper Schmeichel was quick off his line to foil the advancing Memphis Depay.“It was very tough. Manchester United dominated possession and we had to dig in and be resilient. It’s a point and it’s a step in the right direction,” Morgan told reporters.“It proved to be an important goal and to score at Old Trafford was a great feeling. It’s not ours until we get two hands on the trophy.”Leicester finished the game with 10 men after Drinkwater was sent off for a second bookable offence five minutes from time.The midfielder will now miss Leicester’s next game at home to Everton, when victory will secure the title even if Tottenham beat Chelsea.“We knew it was going to be tough,” Leicester fullback Danny Simpson said.“The last thing you want is to go 1-0 down early on but credit to the boys, we kept going. We’re happy with the point – it would have been nice to have won it here. We’ll try and get together tomorrow and watch the game. We’ll keep going and see what happens.”United climbed one place in the table to fifth but are four points behind fourth-placed Manchester City, who play later and Sunday and occupy the final Champions League qualifying place, with three games left.“I think we played one of our best matches of the season, but it was not enough,” United manager Louis van Gaal said.“Leicester City deserves to win this championship. They have very good organisation, but we had a lot of chances.”last_img read more

No Panadol in Rupunau, no cold syrup in Karasabai

first_imgDuring my last visit to Region Nine earlier this month, I fell ill and as I happened to be in Rupunau, a Wapishana village in the Deep South Rupununi, I visited the health centre in search of Panadol to calm my throbbing headache. There were none.We all have been hearing about a massive drug shortage, but many of us living in coastal regions have not actually felt the full impact of this deficiency, because our health facilities are more easily provisioned for and alternatively, we still have access to private pharmacies and hospitals.In the Rupununi and the hinterland regions, the reality paints a rather dismal canvas. A visit to 15 Indigenous communities in the region and to the Lethem hospital revealed that after two and a half years in office, the coalition Government did not apply any measures to enhance the quality of service delivered in the public health sector. As it is in developing countries, health care remains a challenge especially when proper infrastructure, trained personnel and financial resources are lacking. But in Guyana, poor service is also strongly tied to mismanagement and disorganisation in supplying the drugs to meet the needs of public facilities.In Paipang for instance, the last supply of drugs was received in July 2017. Based on the Community Health Worker (CHW) report, the village did not receive MMU vaccines in 2017 despite several requests made through the Karasabai health centre. In Tipuru, the last medical supplies were delivered in June and the CHW reported an absence of basic supplies such as bandages and IV fusions as well as a dried-up supply of treatment for diabetes.The CHW of the Rupunau health centre reported that the village received its last supplies in March. The Moco Moco health centre received its last provisions in September. Meanwhile, the Tiger Pond health centre possessed only six small bottles of Chlorophane for children. In Sand Creek, the Toshao bemoaned the absence of treatment for viral conjunctivitis (commonly called “red eye”) while in Karasabai and Rukumuta, both Toshaos indicated that basic medication for colds was lacking. Because the severe drug shortages have become a chronic problem in the Region, some village leaders, such as in Nappi, indicated that their people are starting to revert to local remedies.The shortage of trained medical personnel further complicates the access to primary health care in the hinterland. Most health centres are operated by CHWs who are trained for a period of three months (under the HEYS programme) to administer basic treatment to patients.Health centres are generally opened once or twice a week. There is only one trained health worker assigned to Nappi, Parishara and Hiowa, with two others currently on training. Because the Nappi health centre is the largest in the Region, villagers believe that a more trained or experienced health professional should be on duty. In Kumu, there are currently no trained health workers as is common in health centres across the hinterland. Some health centres cater for up to nine communities at a time, as is the case for the Sand Creek health centre in South Central Rupununi or the Aishalton hospital.Aside from working against this setback, health facilities, including the Aishalton hospital, suffer from inadequate transportation. There is a general absence of ambulances, and most patients, including pregnant women, are transported using ATVs, motorbikes and where possible, tractors and other village vehicles. The health sector in the Rupununi is deficient to the point where in some communities, mothers are forced to give birth at home.The fact that doctors from the coast sent to work in the hinterland have a difficult time adapting to these strenuous circumstances does not alleviate the challenges confronting Indigenous communities. For example, in Karasabai and the neighbouring South Pakaraimas communities, complaints were made by villagers and councillors concerning the alleged negligence of the doctor on duty. What’s more is that a discussion with doctors in the Region revealed that most of their colleagues coming from the coast are not experienced doctors, but, on the contrary, have either just completed their training or are sent to complete it in the Rupununi.The Public Health Ministry’s excuse for the chronic drug shortage is that the procurement procedures are being changed – an excuse for now two and a half years that is no longer admissible. Additionally, about one third of the $100 million allocated to the Lethem hospital for emergency purchases (drugs) has returned to central Government by request. Meanwhile, there is no Panadol to calm a headache in Rupunau.last_img read more

What’s the plan…

first_img…on O&G??While we’re all focusing on Christmas, which is nigh upon us, we seem to be forgetting that so is “first oil”. Is this because the oil operator informed us that the first million barrels will be heading up to their refineries in Galveston? And the Energy Director claimed this was because the “first lift of oil has too many impurities”!! Notice that the oil company stayed mum…since this would’ve opened them up to serious, severe snorts in the industry!!But even with the oil company ensuring that the PNC Government doesn’t get its grubby big paws on the oil money before they’re booted out in March, you’d think they’d want to keep up pretences that they have a plan – at least for their party faithful – wouldn’t you?? So let’s talk a bit about what this PNC Govt should’ve been doing over the past four years. Just so you don’t get suckered by the Manifesto verbiage they’re hatching. Your riposte to them should be, “How come alyuh a now buil’ latrine, when yuh ready to sh*t??”What’s most dispiriting about the PNC’s paralysis is the oil industry’s been around for over a century, and object lessons abound!! Let’s break this down. There are two ways in which the country can benefit after oil is struck. First comes the “Local Content” aspects that can provide employment and other benefits to service the industry. And then comes the use of the revenues that the Government receives from signing bonuses, royalties, and profit-sharing.On “Local Content”, we knew from the beginning that while we don’t have the capabilities to drill under one mile of water and bring up oil, there are other support activities we could’ve been trained for. And demand that we be hired! Take, for instance, something like repairing or even fabricating gantries and other equipment that need top quality welders, machinists, fitters, etc. We were once able to construct ships at Sprostons which became GNIC after Burnham nationalised it and brought it to the ground. So how come the Govt didn’t start training tradesmen like these at its Technical Institutes and bring them up to ISO standards?? What the Government did instead was to shutter the premier training institute in Guyana for mechanical and electrical tradesmen – the GuySuCo Training School at Port Mourant!!Why your Eyewitness picked this sorta training is that it is transferable to the needs of what we should be doing with the revenues that will come our way – building, at a minimum, the infrastructural basics that we so sorely lack for any kind of development. Building bridges, roads, factories, skyscrapers and other steel-framed buildings…Gwan dat side, PNC!! Yuh na ready! …just being Shaggy??Looking around at the economic wasteland he created: unilaterally and vindictively firing 7000 workers in the sugar industry and allowing four estates worth at least $200 BILLION to revert to bush, gold mining firings (Troy), Bauxite firings (RUSAL), Plywood Firings (Barama) etc – Granger excuses himself and his Government by claiming he was handed a “bad hand” by the PPP!! Talking about rubbing your doo-doo on the other fella’s bamsie!!The PPP handed the PNC the most consistent growing economy in the region; an upper Medium Income Level Country rating after inheriting a debt-ridden “Highly Indebted Poor Country” ranking with rats gnawing at babies’ toes at GPHC; with poverty rates reduced from 43% to 36% in its first decade, educational standards rebuilt, not to mention 6 months’ reserves in the treasury!! The PNC is worse than the prodigal son who frittered away his inheritance and is now for another chance, by crying “Wasn’t me!!”The PNC fooled Guyanese once and was shame on them. If we allow them to fool us again; shame on us!!…on tourism?The Tourism Head complained that “Too many festivals are just an excuse for rum drinking when they (reps from the 10 Regions) should be bringing out the cultural resources of the regions.”But isn’t rum drinking emblematic of our culture??last_img read more

The anatomy of power in Guyana (Part 2)

first_imgLast week, we discussed the difference between “authority” – which an elected Government gets – and “power”, which depends on the latter’s control of the coercive arms of the state: the army, Police, bureaucracy etc., and certain groups within a society which can exercise “disruptive power”. We posited that in and out of office, the PNC controlled these institutions and it is why there were no effective protests following the firing of 7000 sugar workers, and with the refusal to accept the consequences of the NCM.The second part of the 1993 piece follows:“A second set of resources, which may confer power on individuals or groups, is “economic”; in fact some, noticeably Marxists, maintain that the holders of economic power ultimately control even the State. Be that as it may, there is another widespread perception that “Indians own everything” and thus also have economic power to buttress the political they recently captured. This myth is so pervasive that even some Indians believe it. Now firstly, it has been demonstrated that most Indian businesses are in petty retailing, small-scale rice farming, and the independent professions. They were forced into these sectors when the State sector was closed off to them during their historic movement out of the sugar plantations. It is a myth that Africans do not own businesses – it is just that the Indian is more dominant in the more visible small mom-and-pop operations that demand huge inputs of time. Secondly, even if all these businesses were combined, their total worth would not equal the value of African-Guyanese controlled corporations. Control of assets is even more beneficial than ownership since one has all the benefits of, but none of the headaches from, the latter. Thirdly, the ownership being so diffuse, the Indian-Guyanese businesses cannot act in concert, as do the other economic entities that actually dominate the economy. Fourthly, and lastly, because of the size and intrusiveness of the State, even the Indian Guyanese businesses that are significant only exist at the sufferance of the real power holders and most of them are reduced to offering bribes to survive.Nkrumah’s dictum was thus fulfilled in Guyana for African Guyanese: “Seek ye first the political Kingdom and all else will be added unto it.” Indian businessmen may have some influence in some instances, and over some people, but this is totally different from power. With influence, one depends totally on the other acquiescing on his own, without the “influential” party having the ultimate sanction of force, which a true power holder possesses.However, there is another base of power that is not apparent to most commentators and observers; and this one is certainly not in the hands of either the PPP or Indian-Guyanese. This is the hegemonic power of the group(s) that control the major socialization institutions of the country – the churches, the schools, the media, especially the newspapers etc. This group basically controls what the populace or the Government will or will not put on the agenda, by defining for all of us what we should consider to be the important issues we ought to discuss and debate, much less decide upon. This group even determines the Government’s agenda but does not ever have to face the inevitable resistances and rebellions that State coercive and private economic power, engender. With their subtle control of these “cultural institutions”, they actually manipulate us to do what they want, against our own interests if necessary. When Indian Guyanese complain of racial discrimination in hiring 16 African Guyanese PS out of 17, they were dubbed “racists”. But with most being oblivious to this reality, this group has the best of both worlds. The rapist has convinced the raped that the latter actually enjoyed the rape and it was even for his/her own good.The point is that as one may believe them to be. It thus behoves all of us to ferret out the power relations in our society so that we may truly discern who really controls us – who really has power. For those of us who do not have it but think we do, we would be saved from potentially disastrous initiatives. For those of us who do not have it but realise we do not, it points the way for the implementation of a program to ensure an equitable distribution in the power relations of Guyana for all groups.After all this is the goal of all well-meaning Guyanese isn’t it?”last_img read more


first_img Preview Next Game: York University 9/29/2019 | 12:30 p.m. Full Schedule Roster Hilary Ziraldo scored two goals to lead the University of Toronto Varsity Blues to a dominant 5-0 victory over the Western Mustangs on Saturday, September 28 at Back Campus Fields.HOW IT HAPPENED: Second-year forward Jaden Kozelj got the Blues on the board in the 13th minute, while Emily Ziraldo scored two minutes later to put U of T ahead 2-0 at the end of the first quarter.Hilary Ziraldo scored off a penalty corner in the 20th minute to give the Blues a 3-0 advantage at the midway point of the game.Hilary Ziraldo notched her second goal of the game in the 33rd minute and Katie Lynes rounded out the scoring with a goal off a penalty corner in the 38th minute.Veteran goalie Elizabeth O’Hara earned the shut out in net.UP NEXT: The Blues host the OUA defending champion York Lions tomorrow in the Under Armour Game of the Week at 12:30 p.m.For more information, scores and highlights on your favourite U of T athletes and teams, please visit www.varsityblues.ca. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the latest and greatest in Varsity Blues intercollegiate athletics. Print Friendly Version Matchup Historylast_img read more

Mourinho rules out unbeaten run

first_img0Shares0000LONDON, December 4- Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has once again moved to temper expectations following renewed suggestions that his side could go unbeaten for the entire season.The Blues boss is wary of his players falling into the trap of focusing on their unbeaten run as he feels a change in mentality could see them settle for draws, rather than risk conceding a goal by going for all three points. For Mourinho, the bottom line is how many points they accrue this season. He wants his players to remain focused on claiming maximum points every time they take to the field, even if it means they suffer a few defeats along the way.When asked if his side was looking to emulate Arsenal’s famed ‘Invincibles’ by going the entire season unbeaten, Mourinho said: “We are not playing for that. If against Spurs we have a 0-0 with 20 minutes to go, we are not going to play for the 0-0 to be undefeated after 21 matches. No way.“If you play for that, if that is one objective, maybe you draw so many matches, you don’t take risks to try and win matches. You are happy just to be undefeated.“If you get 10 draws, you get 10 points. If you win five and lose five, you make 15 points. We are going to play matches to win. And, sometimes, we will lose. I’d prefer 15 points and lost matches than 10 points and being undefeated.”Meanwhile, the Portuguese tactician also took the opportunity to highlight the fact that the title race is all but over.He also made it abundantly clear that silverware would be the only true measure of success come the end of the current campaign.He added: “We don’t put ourselves in that position, of being arrogant to say we are going to win. We don’t do that.“All we say is we’re playing very well, we are getting results, we believe in ourselves, we are very happy with what we’re doing.“The measure of success in football is made by the trophies you win. We have to try to transform the quality of our work and performances into cups.“There’s a long way to go. Teams that are 10, 12, 14, 15 points behind – they are not out of the title race. I don’t think so.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Arsenal beat Lincoln to ease pressure on Wenger

first_img0Shares0000Arsenal forward Theo Walcott celebrates his goal against Lincoln City with team mate Olivier Giroud in an FA CUp Quarter Final clash at the Emirates Stadium on March 11, 2017. PHOTO/Daily MailLONDON, United Kingdom, Mar 11 – Arsene Wenger avoided more humiliation as troubled Arsenal moved into the FA Cup semi-finals with a 5-0 win against minnows Lincoln at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday.Under heavy fire after Tuesday’s dismal Champions League exit against Bayern Munich, Wenger was given some much-needed breathing space by his side’s quarter-final victory over the plucky non-leaguers. Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud bagged Arsenal’s first two goals at the Emirates Stadium before Luke Waterfall’s own goal.Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey were also on the scoresheet as Arsenal sealed their place in next month’s semi-finals at Wembley.For the second time in five days, Arsenal fans staged a pre-match protest march calling for Wenger to resign and the Frenchman could ill-afford what would have been the FA Cup’s greatest upset.Fifth tier leaders Lincoln were the first non-league team to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals in 103 years after a shock win over top-flight side Burnley in the fifth round.And although Lincoln are 87 places below Arsenal in the league pyramid, there was no sign of that vast gulf in class in the first half, with Nathan Arnold almost giving them a shock lead when his shot brought a fine save from Petr Cech.The chastening 5-1 loss to Bayern was Arsenal’s fifth defeat in their seven games and they looked bereft of confidence for long periods.Wenger’s luck finally took a turn for the better in first half stoppage-time when Walcott’s shot took a large deflection off Lincoln’s Sam Habergham on its way into the net.That settled Arsenal’s nerves and Giroud doubled the lead when he slotted home from Hector Bellerin’s cross in the 53rd minute before Waterfall glanced Kieran Gibbs’ cross into his own net five minutes later.Sanchez curled in the fourth in the 72nd minute and Ramsey made it five three minutes later.Hoping to win the FA Cup a seventh time in his 21-year reign, Wenger could yet end one of his most difficult seasons with silverware.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Shock! The most successful English team against Barcelona revealed

first_img 4. Liverpool – P8 W3 D3 L2 against Barca – 37.5% win percentage (0 goal difference) – The Reds have an impressive record against Barcelona over the years, remaining unbeaten in four trips to the Nou Camp. Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise put their differences aside to give Liverpool a 2-1 win there in the Champions League in 2007, and though the Reds have lost twice to Barca at Anfield, they have never been eliminated from continental competition by the Catalans. Liverpool knocked Barcelona out of the UEFA Cup semi-finals in 1976 and 2001, the Champions League last 16 in 2007, and faced them in the 2002 Champions League second group stage. On that basis, you could argue they have the best record of any English club against Barcelona, but in terms of win percentage they can only be ranked fourth. 14 12. Tottenham Hotspur – P2 W0 D1 L1 against Barca – 0% win percentage (-1 goal difference) – Spurs drew 1-1 with the Spanish side at White Hart Lane in the 1982 European Cup Winners Cup semi-final first leg, thanks to Graham Roberts (above), but lost the second leg 1-0 courtesy of an Alan Simonsen strike. 10. Birmingham City – P4 W1 D1 L3 against Barca – 20% win percentage (-4 goal difference) – Believe it or not, the Blues have played Barcelona FIVE times, although not one match since 1960. Their one victory was in the Fairs Cup back in 1957 as they beat a side containing the legendary Laszlo Kubala 4-3, though they went on to lose the tie in a replay after the second leg. 13. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Played 2 Lost 2 against Barcelona = 0% win percentage (-7 goal difference) – Poor old Wolves took a battering when they met Barcelona in the European Cup back in 1960. The first leg saw the Spanish side win 4-0 and back at Molineux the English champions lost 5-2. 14 14 11. Arsenal – P6 W1 D1 L4 against Barca (prior to 23 February 2016) – 16.67% win percentage (-7 goal difference) – The Gunners haven’t had much joy against the Spaniards but did beat them 2-1 back in February 2011, with Robin van Persie and Andrey Arshavin scoring their goals. 14 14 7. Leeds United – P4 W1 D2 L1 against Barca – 25% win percentage (-3 goal difference) – Back in 1975, the Whites knocked Barcelona out of the European Cup by beating them 3-2 on aggregate. 14 2. Nottingham Forest – P2 W1 D1 L0 against Barca – 50% win percentage (+1 goal difference) – The Tricky Trees triumphed in the 1980 European Super Cup as they beat Barcelona 2-1 on aggregate, at a time when the trophy was contested on a home and away basis. 1. Ipswich – P4 W2 D0 L2 against Barca – 50% win percentage (0 goal difference) – Yes, you read that right. The Tractor Boys top our list, with a win percentage of 50 per cent against Barcelona from four matches. They beat the Catalan giants 3-0 in the first leg of a UEFA Cup clash back in 1977, although they lost the tie on penalties after a 3-0 defeat in the second leg. Meanwhile, in the 1979 European Cup Winners Cup, Ipswich won the first leg 2-1 thanks to a double from Eric Gates, but Migueli’s winner for Barcelona in the return match saw the Spanish side go through on away goals, allowing them to win the competition. But Ipswich certainly had nothing to fear when facing arguably the biggest club in world football. 14 14 14. Manchester City have the worst record of all English clubs against Barca, having played four and lost four against the Catalan club – find out how other English sides have fared against Barca down the years, just click the right arrow above to see who has the best record, based on win percentage and number of matches played, against arguably the biggest club in the world – The Premier League side found it pretty tough against the Spanish giants when they met them in the last-16 of the Champions League in 2014 and 2015, losing home and away on both occasions. See which English clubs can boast much better records against Barcelona, in the slideshow above. 9. Newcastle United – P4 W1 D0 L3 against Barca – 25% win percentage (-4 goal difference) – In the Magpies’ first ever match against Barcelona, Faustino Asprilla scored a sensational hat-trick to hand them a 3-2 win. The Spaniards have won all three other clashes though. 14 Arsenal go up against Barcelona in the Champions League knowing they’ll have to do better than in previous clashes to reach the quarter-finals.The Gunners have only won one of their six games against the Spanish giants, losing four and drawing one other.It’s not the best record and will be hard to improve considering the standard of the opposition, but who does have the best head-to-head record with the Catalan side?talkSPORT takes a look at which English teams have had the most success against Barcelona.Click the right arrow above for the surprising outcome…*Don’t worry Dundee United, we haven’t forgotten about your incredible record 14 5. Chelsea – P15 W5 D5 L5 against Barca – 33% win percentage (-5 goal difference) – The Blues have won more games than any against Barcelona, but have also played them a staggering 15 times. They first met in the 1966 Fairs Cup semi-final, and most recently in 2012, when Chelsea beat the reigning European champions in the last four of the Champions League. 6. Manchester United – P11 W3 D4 L4 against Barca – 27.2% win percentage (-5 goal difference) – The two European giants have had some blockbuster clashes across the years. Barcelona have won the last two matches (both Champions League finals), and their two 3-3 draws back in the 1998/99 group stage live long in the memory, too. Paul Scholes’ strike in the 2008 semi-final was enough to separate the sides, en route to the Red Devils’ third European Cup. 8. Aston Villa – P4 W1 D1 L2 against Barca – 25% win percentage (+1 goal difference) – The Villans have fallen a long way since defeating Barcelona 3-1 on aggregate in the European Super Cup back in 1983. 3. Sheffield Wednesday – P2 W1 D0 L1 against Barca – 50% win percentage (-1 goal difference) – Alan Finney (above) was one of the heroes as the Owls defeated the Spanish side in the first leg of their Fairs Cup clash in 1962. Sadly they lost the second leg 2-0 and bowed out on aggregate, but can still boast a win percentage of 50 per cent. 14 14 14 14last_img read more

Simi Valley Calendar

first_imgTODAY Sunday evening hike, 5 p.m. at the Rocky Peak Trailhead at the end of Rocky Peak Road off Santa Susana Pass. Call (805) 584-4400. MONDAY Swim and Stay Fit, 6-8 a.m. at the Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1765 Royal Ave., Simi Valley. Monthly fee: $40, or $20 for 65 and older. Call (805) 379-2378. Jazzercise Aerobics, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005-C Los Angeles Ave. Fee: $5, or $25 a month. Call (805) 584-4456. Alternative Recreation Program: Yoga Club, 6:45-7:45 p.m. at Houghton Park, 4333 Township Ave., Simi Valley. Parents can register and participate with their child. Monthly fee: $24. Call (805) 584-4400. New Hope for breast-cancer survivors, 7-8:30 p.m. at Simi Valley Senior Center, 3900 Avenida Simi. Free. Registration required. Call (805) 527-5360, Option 3. Aqua Fit, 7-8 p.m. at Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1692 Sycamore Drive, Simi Valley. Call (805) 584-4400. Simi Peggers Cribbage Club, 7 p.m., at Simi Country Mobile Home Park Clubhouse, 1550 Rory Lane, Simi Valley. Call (805) 527-8164. Water Exercise, 7-8 p.m. at Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1692 Sycamore Drive. Fee: $40. Call (805) 584-4400. Simi Valley Boots and Slippers Square Dance Club, 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Simi Valley Senior Center, 3900 Avenida Simi. Fee: $5. Call (805) 583-3055 or e-mail sqdncrmn@pacbell.net. Deep Water Workout, 8-9 p.m. at the Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1692 Sycamore Drive. Monthly fee: $45. Call (805) 584-4400. Women’s Anger Management class, 7:30 p.m. at Cornerstone Counseling Center, 1633 Erringer Road, No. 203-B, Simi Valley. Call (805) 582-2619. TUESDAY Family planning clinic, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Ventura County Public Health, 660 E. Los Angeles Ave., Suite B2, Simi Valley. For an appointment, call (805) 578-3677. Jazzercise Aerobics, 9-10 a.m. and 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005-C Los Angeles Ave. Fee: $5, or $25 a month. Call (805) 584-4456. Rotary of Simi Valley will meet at noon at Grand Vista Hotel, 999 Enchanted Way. Call (805) 583-4825. Videos in the Lounge, 1 p.m. at Simi Valley Senior Center, 3900 Avenida Simi. Call (805) 583-6363. Bowling, 4-5:30 p.m. at Brunswick Valley Bowl, 5255 Cochran St., Simi Valley. Fee: $5 per week. Call (805) 584-4400. Tuesday Evening Hike, 6:30, meet at the Long Canyon parking lot at Long Canyon Road and Wood Ranch Parkway. Call (805) 529-5581. Story time, 7 p.m. at Simi Valley Library, 2969 Tapo Canyon Road. Call (805) 526-1735. Simi Solos Toastmasters will meet, 7:30 p.m., Simi Valley YMCA, 3200 Cochran St. Call (805) 990-4950. Overeaters Anonymous, 8 p.m. at Church of Christ, 1554 Sinaloa Road, Simi Valley. Call (805) 581-4717 or (805) 529-8183. Open Gym Basketball, 6-9 p.m. at Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005-C Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley. Fee: $2, or $10 a month. Call (805) 584-4400. WEDNESDAY Swim and Stay Fit, 6-8 a.m. at the Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1765 Royal Ave., Simi Valley. Fee: $40/month; 65 and older, $20/month. Call (805) 379-2378. Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley will meet, 7 a.m. at Marie Callender’s, 20 W. Cochran St. Call (805) 526-4649. Chair Exercise, 8:30 a.m. at Moorpark Active Adult Center, 799 Moorpark Ave. Call (805) 517-6261. CPR Update: Health Care Provider class!off!, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at Simi Valley Hospital, 2975 N. Sycamore Drive. Call (805) 955-6890. Tot Time story time, 11 a.m. at Borders Books and Music, 2910 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley. For ages 2-5. Call (805) 526-2800. Step Aerobics, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005-C Los Angeles Ave. Fee: $5, or $25 a month. Call (805) 584-4456. Emotional Intelligence Training for Parents, 6 p.m. at Cornerstone Counseling Center, 1633 Erringer Road, No. 203-B, Simi Valley. Call (805) 582-2619. Action Parent and Teen Support Program, 6:30 p.m. at Apollo High School, 3150 School St., Simi Valley. Hotline: (800) 367-8336. Water Exercise, 7-8 p.m. at Rancho Simi Community Park pool, 1692 Sycamore Drive. Fee: $40. Call (805) 584-4400. Emotions Anonymous, 7:30-9 p.m. at United Methodist Church, Wood Room, 2394 Erringer Road, Simi Valley. Free. Call (805) 526-6231. Clutterers Anonymous will meet, 7:30-9 p.m., Simi Valley Presbyterian Church, 4832 Cochran St., Room 210. Call (805) 526-5475. Deep Water Workout, 8-9 p.m. at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park pool, 1692 Sycamore Drive. Monthly fee: $45. Call (805) 584-4400. Simi Valley Woman’s Club, monthly meeting, 11 a.m. at Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005 Los Angeles Ave. Call (805) 583-8272. 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Step Aerobics, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, 5005-C Los Angeles Ave. Fee: $5, or $25 a month. Call (805) 584-4456. last_img read more

Rangers charged by UEFA for multiple incidents during Villarreal match

first_img Gerrard launches furious touchline outburst as horror tackle on Barisic sparks chaos revealed How Arsenal and Rangers can join Man United and Celtic in Europa League last 32 LANGUAGE BARRIER Latest Rangers News Alfredo Morelos does the most Morelos thing ever during Rangers win McCoist tells funny Rangers story about Gazza and new Napoli boss Gattuso Fans think they know why Klopp and Gerrard signed new contracts on the same day Wolves advance to knockout stages, Celtic seal top spot in Group E, Rangers draw BOSS CLASSIC fate McCoist’s bizarre tale about Big Dunc, a game of cards and a faulty homing pigeon BEST OF center_img “Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the UEFA Europa League group stage match between Rangers FC and Villarreal CF (0-0), played on November 29 in Scotland,” a UEFA statement read.“Charges against Rangers FC – field invasions by supporters – art. 16 (2) of the UEFA disciplinary regulations (DR) and throwing of objects – art. 16 (2) DR.“The case will be dealt with by the UEFA control, ethics and disciplinary body on December 13.”Rangers fan Paul Cairney, 26, admitted to running on to the pitch when pleading guilty to conducting himself in a disorderly manner at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week. Daniel Candeias was controversially sent off Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions ALMOST Storytime Rangers have been charged by UEFA after a fan invaded the pitch at Ibrox during last month’s Europa League match against Villarreal.The Scottish side have also been charged by European football’s governing body for a separate bottle-throwing incident. I told Rangers to beat Spurs to Luka Modric signing, reveals Ally McCoist ‘Big Dunc is more experienced than Gerrard and Lampard and should get the Everton job’ 1 scrap results The incident occurred after Rangers‘ winger Daniel Candeias had been controversially sent off for a second yellow card just before half-time.Another supporter, Nicholas Walker, 20, admitted assaulting a police officer during the match.He pleaded guilty to throwing a glass bottle from the crowd which narrowly missed the police officer.last_img read more