Indian Premier League 2018: Ravichandran Ashwin named captain of Kings XI Punjab

first_imgStar India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has been named captain of Kings XI Punjab for IPL 2018.Ashwin, who played with Chennai Super Kings from 2009 to 2015 for Chennai Super Kings and for Rising Pune Supergiant in 2016 and 2017, was bought by KXIP for Rs 7.6 crore in the player auction in January.Ashwin, who has not played limited-overs cricket for India since the tour of West Indies in 2017, has picked 100 wickets from 111 IPL matches over the last decade. (All’s well between Ravichandran Ashwin and Herschelle Gibbs after fixing jibe)We have a new #KingOfTheNorth! Sheron, give a big welcome to the Protector of the Realm! Our new captain, @ashwinravi99! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) February 26, 2018″Ashwin is a master strategist and keen reader of the game and will undoubtedly bring his vast array of experience into play while leading the Kings. He is no stranger to VIVO IPL glory either. He has been a part of the IPL winning team twice in the past, and this season he will be hungrier than ever to add a third title to that list,” KXIP said in a media release on Monday.”With a number of explosive players such as Chris Gayle, Yuvraj Singh and Aaron Finch in the side, it will take someone with the calm composure of Ashwin to be able to make tough decisions when the chips are down. He is no mug with the bat either. He has been seen contributing valuable runs to the team’s cause while playing for India and will certainly do the same for Kings XI.”advertisementAshwin said there would be no additional pressure because of the captaincy.”I feel honoured to be trusted with the responsibility of leading such a talented bunch of cricketers,” said Ashwin, “I am confident of bringing out the best out of team mates. This is indeed a proud moment for me,” he told “There is no additional pressure on me as such. I first led my state side in first class cricket when I was 21. I have done it in the past and I am sure that I will enjoy the challenge.”last_img read more

Before you take that fundraising job – or hire that fundraiser – read this

first_imgPursuant to yesterday’s post about the dire state of the fundraising field, I want to offer some tips that I posted on LinkedIn yesterday..Before you take a job in nonprofit fundraising (and there are lots of vacant jobs out there!) or hire a fundraiser, do the following.1. Confirm the nonprofit organization warmly embraces the need to fundraise. For an organization to succeed in fundraising, it has to view asking for money as a beautiful partnership between people who work to make the world a better place – and those who join in helping them.2. Ensure the organization sees fundraising as everyone’s job – as reflected in the way the leadership, board and staff collaboratively support and coordinate with the development director. Together, they set and hold themselves collectively accountable for goals.3. Make sure the fundraiser is well trained – or can get trained. A huge problem is that many fundraisers aren’t qualified for the job. One in four executive directors (24%) in the CompassPoint report said their development directors have no experience or are novice at “current and prospective donor research.” Among the smallest nonprofits, the number was 32%. If you’re a fundraiser, get well trained. And if you’re a nonprofit, hire qualified people or invest in turning your fundraisers into qualified people by paying for them to get the help they need to do their job.One last, critical thought: All nonprofits and fundraisers must invest in treating donors like partners, thanking them regularly and conscientiously reporting on the impact they had. That’s the way to fix the grim donor attrition problem we have.We have a lot of work to do in our field. We’d better start now – the good of the world is truly at stake.last_img read more

Online Fundraising for Nonprofits – How to Build a Magnetic Donation Website

first_imgOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits – How to Build a Magnetic Donation WebsiteOne simple, but vital, principle of online fundraising is that you must design your donation page to make it easy for donors to give. Whether your donors pull out their smartphones or use their laptops, you want them to be able to quickly push a few buttons and make a charitable donation.Make It Easy to Find Your Donation PageThe donation page itself needs to be clean and simple to use, but before the donor even gets that far, it must be easy to find. Your organization’s name should be featured so that a potential donor can simply Google your nonprofit’s name and find your website with a clear “donate now” button on the homepage.Personalized Donation Pages Work BestYour donation page should reflect your brand so donors know they are in the right place and feel comfortable, and of course, are inspired to give generously. In addition to your brand, stories are a great way to inspire generosity and should be included on your donation page. If possible, include an image that will capture your donors’ attention, reaffirm their decision to give, and communicate who will benefit from their gift.Thank Donors ImmediatelyAnother benefit of a customized donation website is that it allows you to acknowledge your donors as soon as they give. A thank-you page can be displayed when a donation is made, providing the instant gratification of an acknowledgement, and should trigger a prompt thank-you email and donation receipt.Network for Good has designed our DonateNow fundraising software to guide users through the set-up and design of a donation page. DonateNow provides best practices for online fundraising success. To learn more about DonateNow or any of our online fundraising tools and resources, contact us today or call 1-888-284-7978 x1.last_img read more

Donor Segmentation 101

first_imgA long, long time ago (1997) in a galaxy far, far away (Cambridge, MA), I managed the direct mail program for the Harvard Law School annual fund. What I enjoyed about this opportunity was that it allowed me to combine my writing skills (that B.A. in English was good for something) with the challenge of growing an already successful fundraising program. My colleagues jokingly called me the “segmentation queen” because I analyzed giving trends of past alumni gifts and created seven to 10 groups with tailored ask amounts to encourage increased giving. That year, we saw a 60% increase in direct mail revenue in large part because we looked at our alumni giving through a very different lens. I share this story not just to walk down memory lane, but also to show that segmentation was, and is, the first step in strengthening your fundraising program.As fundraisers, we think in segments all the time  Donors, nondonors, LYBUNTs, SYBUNTs, volunteer leaders, prospects, suspects, and so on.  How often are we “grouping” our audiences like this?  Segmenting helps you meet your donors where they are so you can tailor your messaging, ask amounts, and communication strategies to increase their interest in and support of your organization.  There are many ways to segment. Even if your bandwidth is limited, you still want to group your donor lists in some way to help you prioritize your attention. Regardless of your resources, the right level of donor segmentation isn’t overly complicated and maximizes your ROI.  In a previous blog post, I talked about how it’s helpful to start fiscal year planning knowing how your donors’ gifts break down. Segmenting becomes the next step in maximizing your donor outreach. We know that donor retention levels remain flat and abysmal at an average of 43% (according to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project). So, your most basic segmentation should be financial:Donors and nondonorsGiving levelsYou want to ensure that you are maintaining and even growing your donor renewal rates. How do you do this? First, focus on not losing those who already support you, whether they are first-time donors or long-standing supporters. Then, you want to encourage upgraded levels of giving from your current contributors. That’s where knowing who is giving at what level is useful. From there, you can design your outreach around the following themes:Retaining Donors and Growing RevenueYour solicitations should be based on your donors’ giving patterns and your ask should focus on increasing their gift just a little more. The messaging and frequency of your outreach to current donors, LYBUNTs, and STBUNTs will also be different than to nondonors.  When I managed Harvard’s direct mail program, we knew which giving levels we wanted to grow revenue and matched the ask amounts to encourage increased gifts. We saw that year’s annual revenue grow significantly. We also sent nondonors a mailing that addressed all the reasons they may give for not making a gift. Guess what? It resonated with one donor who made a $25,000 first-time gift! We figured out how to frame our messaging so we’d be heard. Finally, you might use non-financial segment criteria to test certain messages, comply with donors’ communication preference (printed or electronic) or frequency, or focus on updates about certain interest areas.Strengthening EngagementDonors giving within a certain range can receive more personal outreach through board or development committee calls or personal notes from your president or executive director to deepen their connection. You may also segment prospects or lapsed donors by inviting them to special events so they can get to know your organization better. If you have an annual giving circle, donors within that group can receive certain “benefits” for their support.  These are wonderful ways to show donors gratitude and show them how their gift is making a difference. Note that all of these suggestions are stewardship. We want to thank, thank, and thank again in a number of different ways to show impact and inspire continued giving. Growing Your Major Gifts PipelineSegmenting also helps you identify donors who have the potential to grow to major donors. There are several ways to prospect for major gifts donors. Right now I’ll focus on the “middle donors,”(e.g.. those who give just under whatever you define as a “major gift.”)Let’s say you consider $10,000 to be a major gift. Your middle donors might be giving between $5,000-$9,999.  Conduct some wealth capacity research to determine their fuller potential. Screen these names with your board or other volunteer leaders to narrow the list down to those donors who are worth further cultivating. If you have a major gifts officer (MGO) on your team, he or she can develop a personal strategy to determine their potential and likelihood for a major gift down the road. You might also uncover donors who are great planned giving prospects (I’ll be covering this in a future post).Demographic SegmentationFinally, you may think about being mindful of certain donor types based on age, gender (women philanthropists respond very differently), or ethnicity.We know that fundraisers can’t take “one size fits all” approach anymore. Luckily, there’s more research to support the science of giving to help you modify your fundraising activities so that they reach and resonate with diverse audiences.  However, you decide to incorporate segmentation into your fundraising, remember to make it manageable. Don’t create complex groupings that will be difficult to manage throughout a fiscal year. Just know that using the information to tailor your approach to different donor types can help you strengthen their connection to your organization.  Make this December your best year-end fundraising season ever with Network for Good’s smarter fundraising software, built just for nonprofits. Reach more donors, raise more money, and retain more supporters this year with easy-to-use tools and step-by-step coaching. We have everything you need for a bigger, better campaign, all under one roof. Find out more by speaking with one of our expert fundraising consultants.last_img read more

BioMed Central Call for Papers: Quality Improvement in Neonatal Care

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Share this: Posted on September 17, 2012Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)BioMed Central, an open-access publisher, recently issued a call for papers on quality improvement for neonatal care.From the call:Open access publishing has the ability to rapidly communicate medical advances to providers throughout the world. The needs of clinicians in North America and those in Sub-Saharan Africa may be very different, yet the desire to make evidence-based decisions and improve care and outcomes within a hospital system, region or country is universal.Improving neonatal care and outcomes starts with making informed decisions based on the best medical evidence available……There has been an ever-increasing emphasis on patient safety and quality improvement in perinatal care[4]. This has lead to countless examples of improvement in pediatric, neonatal and obstetric care. Publication of these improvement stories has allowed other providers to follow suit and implement similar changes. Furthermore, organizations such as the American Board of Pediatrics are institutionalizing quality improvement by including it as part of the Maintenance of Certification process. As quality improvement continues to evolve and becomes a universal part of pediatric and neonatal care, publication of these initiatives are needed so clinicians can learn from others’ experiences.Read the full call for papers here.In related news: The MHTF is working closely with PLoS to provide a freely available, open access collection of research and commentary on maternal health. The three year partnership is addressing critical issues in maternal health, with the 2012 issue focused on quality of maternal health care. Learn more about the Maternal Health Task Force-PLoS collection here.last_img read more

New Jobs in Maternal Health

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on January 9, 2015December 3, 2015Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Looking for a new job? Check out these availabilities in maternal health:Healthy Newborn Network – Consultancy Pool: Maternal and Newborn Health programme planning and implementationFHI 360 – Project Manager, Data CollectionPathfinder – Director, Service Delivery Strengthening and IntegrationEngenderHealth – Maternal, Newborn Child Health Technical Advisor (based in Uganda)Jhpiego – Senior Reproductive Health /Family Planning AdvisorShare this:last_img read more

Bridging the Gap Between Maternal Health and Nutrition in Mexico: An Interview With Otilia Perichart-Perera

first_imgPosted on December 5, 2017January 2, 2018By: Sarah Hodin, Project Coordinator II, Women and Health Initiative, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)On 2 November 2017, Otilia Perichart-Perera joined the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) for a panel discussion about noncommunicable diseases and maternal health. Later, she sat down with the MHTF’s Sarah Hodin to talk more about the issues she raised during the dialogue.SH: Please start by telling me a bit about you and your work.OPP: My background is in nutrition, health promotion and food sciences. I’ve been working as a researcher at the Instituto Nacional de Perinatología in Mexico City, focusing on nutrition in high risk pregnancies. I’ve conducted studies evaluating nutrition interventions to prevent and treat pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and obesity in pregnancy. Currently I’m interested in maternal nutritional status and how that affects the fetus. Both undernutrition and overnutrition during pregnancy are not only dangerous for women but can also have a long-lasting impact on their children.SH: Your paper, “Metabolic markers during pregnancy and their association with maternal and newborn weight status,” that was published in the new MHTF-PLOS Collection examined obesity in pregnancy in Mexico. What was the impetus for the study?OPP: Three-quarters of women of reproductive age in Mexico are considered to be overweight or obese. This is a major problem because obesity in pregnancy is associated with many poor maternal and newborn health outcomes including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, miscarriage and hemorrhage.SH: What did you find?OPP: The markers we studied were all related to nutrient transport and metabolism, including energy substrates, hormones that affect metabolism of nutrients and proteins that participate in cell signaling. We found that women who began pregnancy with excessive weight had higher concentrations of many of these markers, even if they did not develop gestational diabetes. This may indicate an increased risk of nutrient-related complications in the fetus. We also found that excessive maternal weight gain at the end of pregnancy was associated with insulin resistance, an indicator of altered glucose metabolism. Our findings exemplify that screening for gestational diabetes is not enough. We need to offer more comprehensive prenatal care that incorporates other tests.SH: We spoke earlier about how the maternal health and NCD communities tend to work in silos. Do you think the same applies to the fields of nutrition and maternal health?OPP: I don’t think that nutrition is generally included in maternal health services in Mexico. Often nutrition is not positioned as a priority during prenatal care, for instance. Part of the problem is the limited number of health professionals who are nutrition-oriented. Nutrition is not a focus in Mexico’s health system—it’s not emphasized in medical education and training programs. Also, prenatal visits tend to be short and clinically-oriented, so there’s not enough time to discuss healthy pregnancy behaviors including nutrition.SH: What would you like to see happen to better integrate nutrition into maternal health services?OPP: We need quick, easy educational messages based on behavioral change as opposed to highly prescriptive dietary guidelines. We also need to move away from the curative, diagnostic perspective on health towards a model of clinical care centered on early prevention. Nutrition interventions should aim to empower women to make lifestyle changes for themselves and their babies.—Browse resources related to nutrition and maternal health.Watch the video of the panel discussion about NCDs and maternal health featuring Otilia Perichart-Perera.Explore other open access papers from the MHTF-PLOS Collection on NCDs and maternal health.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Tuchel confirms Areola transfer talks amid Real Madrid links

first_imgParis Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel has confirmed the club are in talks over the transfer of goalkeeper Alphonse Areola after he was left out of the starting line-up for Friday’s match against Metz.The 26-year-old was only named on the bench for the Ligue 1 encounter at the Stade Saint-Symphorien with 19-year-old Marcin Bulka, who joined the club from Chelsea this summer, making his debut for the club instead.That sparked speculation about Areola’s future at the French champions amid reports Real Madrid are in talks over a deal for the France international. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? When asked before the game whether Areola had played his last game for the club, Tuchel told beIN SPORTS: “(That’s) possible, yes. There are negotiations between clubs and Alphonse. That’s why he decided to not play.”Media reports claim that Real are ready to bring Areola to Santiago Bernabeu in an exchange deal involving Keylor Navas.Areola is believed to be keen on making a loan move to act as Thibaut Courtois’ deputy, a role Navas is no longer willing to fulfil.A swap deal therefore would suit all parties, with Navas moving permanently in order to secure regular first-team football in the French capital.Areola’s absence from the team on Friday suggests a deal may be close, with the European transfer window closing on Monday.On the pitch, PSG made it three wins from four in Ligue 1 with a 2-0 victory to go top of the table.First-half goals from Angel Di Maria and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, his third in two matches, sealed all three points for Tuchel’s men.However, the game was overshadowed when the referee had to pause play during the first half when home fans unfurled a banner sporting a homophobic message.The match was delayed for around five minutes until the offending words were removed from sight and the referee allowed the game to continue.It is the second time in just three days that such a measure has been deemed necessary as the French top flight attempts to crack down on discrimination from fans with a zero tolerance policy.On Wednesday, Nice’s clash with Marseille was also held up while two homophobic signs appeared in the stands.last_img read more

‘More than 90 per cent of the world knows Messi’s quality’

first_imgLionel Messi has been defended by fellow countryman Lucas Ocampos in the ongoing debate over the Barcelona man’s form when representing Argentina. Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, has endured a tumultuous relationship with Albiceleste fans, initially starting out as an exciting youngster before being charged with leading mediocre squads to international glory.The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has reached three finals with Argentina, losing in each of them to draw criticism from fans due to constant comparisons with the iconic Diego Maradona, who arguably single-handedly won the World Cup in 1986 with an average team. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Compatriot Ocampos, however, believes that such a burden cannot be shouldered by a single player in a team sport, stating that almost every other nation in the world appreciates the qualities that the 32-year-old brings to a team.“I think that Argentina is one of the few countries in which Messi is criticised for some things that he does,” Ocampos told Goal. “But I think that more than 90 per cent of the world knows the quality that he has, what he represents for Argentina and for world football.”Ocampos, meanwhile, has yet to make his debut for the Argentina senior side after being forced to pull out of the squad for the September friendlies against Chile and Mexico due to injury.The 25-year-old, who joined Sevilla in the summer, had been a surprise inclusion in the squad for the double-header, but is hoping he will be able to retain his place in Lionel Scaloni’s plans once he is fit again.“I thought that I could have had a call from the national team before but you have to realise that there are a lot of players from great teams with a lot of quality that play in my position,” said the winger. “It was just a matter of continuing to work hard and now to keep working hard to stay in the squad.”With Argentina co-hosting the 2020 Copa America with Colombia, Ocampos is keen to ensure he remains in Scaloni’s thoughts throughout the season.Ocampos added: “Imagining that the coach will continue to count on me to represent my country, especially in an official competition, is the best one can hope for.”last_img read more

ESPN Has Eliminated Nebraska From College Football Playoff Contention

first_imgNebraska football coach Scott Frost ahead of his team's game against Troy.LINCOLN, NE – SEPTEMBER 15: Head coach Scott Frost of the Nebraska Cornhuskers watches the team warm up before the game against the Troy Trojans at Memorial Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)Nebraska’s 48-7 loss at home to Ohio State may not have totally eliminated them from Big Ten title contention. Unfortunately, now that they have two losses on the year, it looks like a national title may be a pipe dream.On Tuesday, ESPN revealed its latest edition of The Eliminator, which indicates which teams are no longer in contention for the College Football Playoff. Following the loss to Ohio State, Nebraska was placed in the “Better luck next season” category.“Maybe Scott Frost’s rebuilding job is going to take a little longer than we anticipated.”That’s a tough blow for Nebraska, even if a national title was never really on the table for year two under Frost. Even teams like Indiana, USC, and Virginia Tech (all with two losses) were ranked higher than the Huskers.It’s hard enough for a one-loss team to make it to the College Football Playoff. But in five previous editions of the four-team tournament, no two-loss team has made the field. Nebraska started the season in unimpressive fashion, barely beating South Alabama before losing to Colorado. The Huskers followed up that slow start with a solid win over Northern Illinois and a close win over Illinois.But it all came apart at Memorial Stadium last week. The Buckeyes stormed in and thrashed the Huskers in all phases of the game.Fortunately for Nebraska, the schedule isn’t especially daunting moving forward, and their toughest opponents will all be at home. But for now, their 2019 national title dream seems gone.[ESPN]last_img read more

Analyst Ranks College Football’s Toughest October Schedule

first_imgA closeup of Mark Dantonio during a Michigan State football game.EAST LANSING, MI – AUGUST 31: Head coach Mark Dantonio of the Michigan State Spartans looks on while playing the Utah State Aggies at Spartan Stadium on August 31, 2018 in East Lansing, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)The non-conference slate in college football is wrapped up for most teams. Conference play is underway. The month of October features some of the biggest games of the college football season. True contenders will emerge as the season progresses.Which teams have the toughest October slate? Brad Crawford of 247Sports put together a top 10 list.Coming in at No. 1: Michigan State. The Spartans’ October schedule is absolutely brutal.MSU has to go on the road to face Ohio State and Wisconsin before hosting Penn State. Those three teams are a combined 13-0 so far this season. Ohio State checks in at No. 4 in the AP Top 25 with Wisconsin at No. 8 and Penn State ranked 12th. Saturday… 🤫 #BeatOhioState— Michigan State Football (@MSU_Football) October 2, 2019The Spartans are 4-1 this season with their lone loss coming to Arizona State in week three. Michigan State has taken care of business in Big Ten play thus far. Wins over Northwestern and Indiana have the Spartans 2-0 in conference play.But the toughest portion of Michigan State’s schedule starts on Saturday. Everything we need to know about the Spartans will be shown in October.Of the ten teams with the toughest October schedules, six hail from the SEC. The conference has widely been known as the best in the nation.You can find 247Sports full list here.last_img read more

‘Sadio Mane is the best player in the world’

first_imgSadio Mane is the best player in the world, according to Senegal team-mate Ismaila Sarr, who sees the Liverpool forward as a role model on and off the pitch.The two featured together in this summer’s Africa Cup of Nations as Senegal reached the final, and Sarr says Mane’s influence on the squad was vital.Sarr joined Mane in England this summer, moving to Watford in a club-record €35 million (£32.3m/$39.2m) deal from Ligue 1 side Rennes . Article continues below Editors’ Picks Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Time for another transfer? Giroud’s Chelsea spell set to end like his Arsenal career He has only featured sporadically so far but will be looking to impress new manager Quique Sanchez Flores – and there is no doubt who he is backing in the Premier League title race.“[Mane is] one of the best men in Africa and in the world,” he told Watford’s YouTube channel.“I can say that for me, he is the best player in the world. Because he is quality. He has won the Champions League.“He has done everything for Liverpool and in all competitions, unfortunately not the Premier League but I hope he does at some point because for me, he’s the best African player in Europe.“He plays well, he does everything well both in football and life.”Riyad Mahrez, Sadio Mane, Ismaila Sarr - Algeria vs SenegalThe 21-year-old Sarr earned his spot in the Senegal side on the back of a superb final season in France, finishing the season with 13 goals and 11 assists in all competitions.He also scored the winning penalty in the Coupe de France final win over Paris Saint-Germain, ensuring Europa League qualification for his side.While Mane and Sarr couldn’t quite get their side over the line in the AFCON final, losing 1-0 to Algeria, the experience of playing with his hero was one the Watford man clearly appreciated.“He also does things right with us, he’s our national team leader,” he added.“He’s a guy who does things right, even outside of football. He does what is right for him and for everybody. Because he is a nice guy and does what is right.“On top of that, he is my idol. I love Sadio Mane. Sometimes before matches, I watch videos of him. If I’m alone, I do.” Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Kane: Spurs showed how much we care

first_imgHarry Kane thinks Tottenham’s Premier League win over Southampton on Saturday shows that his team-mates are committed to the cause in North London.It has been an up and down start to the season for Spurs, who lost to Leicester in the league and were eliminated from the Carabao Cup by Colchester United in the two games preceding the match with the Saints.Spurs made Saturday’s game difficult for themselves, with Serge Aurier getting sent off for two silly yellow cards and a howler by Hugo Lloris gifting the South Coast side an equaliser. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Time for another transfer? Giroud’s Chelsea spell set to end like his Arsenal career With Bayern Munich set to visit Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Tuesday in the Champions League Kane believes the team’s performance showed their fans how much they value playing for the club.“This was a massive statement to the fans and the club to show how much the players want to fight for this club,” the England international captain said after Saturday’s win.“Whenever you go through a tough spell that’s all you can do – dig deep and find ways to win. I know the crowd would have enjoyed that win.“Of course, it wasn’t the prettiest we’ve ever had at home, but it shows how much we care about the club.”After the midweek defeat by League Two Colchester Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino suggested there were players in the dressing room who have ‘different agendas.’Kane dismissed a question relating to that comment, and said that it lay behind the team, as they concentrate on the future.“No [Pochettino’s comment isn’t accurate],” he said. “I think this performance speaks for itself in terms of everyone fighting for the badge.“That is in the past. All I can say is that I am proud of all my team-mates,”For his part club captain Lloris was glad his embarrassing blunder didn’t cost his team points.“I was really upset with myself,” he said. “Especially when you see the context of the team needing points.“But we showed character and we showed personality, I am just happy my mistake did not cost us any points.”After the game with Bayern Spurs head into the international break with a Premier League clash against Brighton. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

James scores 28 as Lakers fend off Blazers

first_img PORTLAND — It took LeBron James to help the Los Angeles Lakers snap a lengthy losing streak against Portland.James had 28 points and seven assists and the Lakers defeated the Trail Blazers 114-110 Saturday night.The Lakers snapped the franchise’s 16-game losing streak against the Blazers. In addition to the streak, Saturday was the Lakers’ first road win this season against a team with a winning record.“Great to snap that,” James said of the Lakers’ streak of futility against Portland. “They’re a very good team, obviously. To beat Portland, you can’t just come in and win without playing really hard and really well.” By ERIK GUNDERSEN, Associated Press Receive latest stories and local news in your email: James scores 28 as Lakers fend off Blazers Los Angeles gets rare win in Portland The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership. Subscribe today to support local journalism and help us to build a stronger community. Sloppy play once again came back to hurt the Lakers in the fourth quarter, but the Blazers couldn’t get much closer as James and JaVale McGee made crucial baskets in the final two minutes.“LeBron closed them out over the final three minutes,” Lakers head coach Luke Walton said of James.McGee, who James said is a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, also had six blocks to add to his league-leading total.“He’s doing a little bit of everything,” James said of McGee. “He’s leading the league in blocks. And tonight he saved us and covered our defensive mistakes with blocks at the rim.” Share: Share: GO Published: November 3, 2018, 9:55pm center_img Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, right, drives to the basket towards Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer) Photo Gallery 11 Photos The Lakers bench helped get Los Angeles back into the game in the first half and outscored the Blazers subs 51-26.“Our second unit was outstanding tonight,” Walton said. “Rondo led it and then the lift that (Ivica) Zubac gave us off the bench was incredible.”TIP-INSTrail Blazers: Blazers head coach Terry Stotts says it’s hard to get a handle for where his team really is on the defensive end due to the league’s uptick in pace and scoring so far this season.“It’s hard to get a handle around the league where defense is,” Stotts said. “The numbers say we’re 11th but it doesn’t feel like it, but we are. I think this season has to settle in to see where we are with it. Unless you hold a team to 80 or 90 you’ll always find things you have to get better at.” Lakers: Phoenix Suns center Tyson Chandler will join the Lakers once he clears waivers after agreeing to a contract buyout. A person with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed the buyout plan to The Associated Press on Saturday, speaking on condition of anonymity because the Suns had not yet revealed it publicly.While Lakers head coach Luke Walton dodged direct questions about the move, Stotts likes what Chandler brings to the table for the Lakers. Stotts coached Chandler in Dallas in 2011.“I like Tyson Chandler,” Stotts said. “Great teammate, obviously that was a few years ago but he impacts the game at the defensive end. He’s a great locker room guy, great teammate. He’s all about winning. So, any team that has Tyson is going to be better for it.”UP NEXTTrail Blazers are home against Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday. Subscribe Today Rajon Rondo gave the Lakers a huge lift off the bench, finishing with 17 points and 10 assists in 25 minutes.Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum each scored 30 points for Portland.The Lakers used a 16-0 run in the third quarter to take a 17-point lead. Josh Hart hit a 3-pointer with 9:44 left that gave the Lakers their biggest lead at 95-75, forcing a Portland timeout.And the timeout might have been just what Portland needed to get back into the game.The Blazers went on a 22-8 run, cutting the Lakers’ lead to six points with 3:34 left after a layup by Jusuf Nurkic. Portland shot a 6 for 35 (17 percent) from beyond the arc and shot just 42 percent from the field overall.“Our defense won us the game tonight,” Walton said. “They missed some 3s, but we were contesting, chasing over the top and defending.”The Lakers had seven turnovers in the fourth quarter and finished with 20 overall, but they survived their mistakes.The Lakers sped to a good start, but the Blazers quickly regained control. Turnovers and second chances fueled a 17-2 run by Portland in the first quarter. By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.last_img read more

Mets get Cano, Diaz and cash from Mariners in 7-player trade

first_img The New York Mets have acquired longtime star second baseman Robinson Cano and major league saves leader Edwin Diaz from the Seattle Mariners in a seven-player trade that was completed on Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth, File) Photo Gallery Diaz’s value may never have been higher after the hard-throwing 24-year-old topped the majors with 57 saves last season. The Mariners are completely revamping their roster this offseason, having already traded ace James Paxton to the Yankees. Seattle also traded All-Star shortstop Jean Segura and pitchers James Pazos and Juan Nicasio to Philadelphia on Monday for veteran slugger Carlos Santana and young infielder J.P. Crawford.“This trade bolsters our player development system with the additions of Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn, while also providing immediate impact to our major league club,” Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto said in a statement.Cano is halfway through a $240 million, 10-year contract. With the cash from Seattle, the Mets will be responsible for $100 million of the $120 million owed to Cano.Cano served an 80-game suspension this year following a positive test for Furosemide, a diuretic that can be used to mask performance-enhancing drugs. Cano claimed the Furosemide was given to him by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic. The suspension was announced May 15, two days after Cano’s right hand was broken when he was hit by a pitch thrown by Detroit’s Blaine Hardy. Share: Share: Mets get Cano, Diaz and cash from Mariners in 7-player trade Segura, 2 M’s pitchers traded to Phillies By Jeff Klein, Columbian sports staff Published: December 3, 2018, 12:57pm By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Bautista, a 23-year-old right-hander, made his big league debut with the Mets last April and had a 12.46 ERA in five big league appearances. He was 4-1 with a 5.14 ERA in 37 games at Double-A and Triple-A, striking out 69 in 49 innings.The Mariners were able to get out from the final five years of Cano’s contract. The prospects acquired in this trade and the previous deal with the Yankees can only help a farm system whose depth and talent pool ranked near the bottom of baseball.What Dipoto first characterized as a “step back” is now a full-on rebuild with the decision to part with Diaz.Numerous times through the offseason, Dipoto had mentioned Diaz as part of Seattle’s future core. He was in the same grouping as outfielder Mitch Haniger and starter Marco Gonzales as young, controllable players who could be contributors for Seattle by the time its young talent was ready to contend. Swarzak, 33, was 0-2 with a 6.15 ERA in 29 relief appearances. He was on the disabled list twice, from April 1 through June 4 due to a strained left oblique and from Aug. 4 through Sept. 8 with right shoulder inflammation.Bruce is owed $13 million in each of the next two seasons, and Swarzak is due $9 million in the final season of his two-year deal.Kelenic, a 19-year-old outfielder, was the sixth overall selection this year and hit .286 with six homers, 42 RBIs and 15 steals in 56 games of rookie ball. Dunn, a 23-year-old right-hander, was the 19th overall pick in 2016 and was 8-8 with a 3.59 ERA this year over 24 starts at Class A and slotted Kelenic as the No. 2 prospect in Seattle’s system and Dunn at No. 3. They’re behind left-hander Justus Sheffield, who was acquired from the Yankees last month for Paxton. Subscribe Today Cano returned to the Mariners on Aug. 14 and finished with a .303 batting average, 10 homers and 50 RBIs in 80 games. He waived his no-trade clause to return to New York.Van Wagenen was co-head of CAA Baseball before joining the Mets in October and negotiated Cano’s contract with Seattle in December 2013. Cano has a .304 career batting average with 311 homers and 1,233 RBIs, including four 100-RBI seasons. He has a career .848 OPS, including an .845 mark last season.Diaz had a 1.96 ERA and struck out 124 in 73 1/3 innings.Seattle has not reached the playoffs since 2001, the longest postseason drought across the four major pro American sports. After finishing third in the AL West despite an 89-73 record, the Mariners decided to go in another direction.Bruce, a three-time All-Star with Cincinnati who is 31, was acquired by the Mets at the 2016 trade deadline, dealt to Cleveland in August 2017, became a free agent and returned to the Mets last January. He hit .223 this year and set career lows with nine homers and 37 RBIs, sidelined from June 18 through Aug. 24 by a right hip issue.center_img Jeff Klein Columbian sports staff (360) 735-4535 NEW YORK — The New York Mets have acquired longtime star second baseman Robinson Cano and major league saves leader Edwin Diaz from the Seattle Mariners in a seven-player trade.The Mets also are getting $20 million from the rebuilding Mariners in the deal announced Monday.Seattle received outfielder Jay Bruce, reliever Anthony Swarzak and three prospects: former first-round draft picks Justin Dunn and Jarred Kelenic, plus right-hander Gerson Bautista.In his first big move as the Mets’ general manager, Brodie Van Wagenen brought the 36-year-old Cano back to New York. Van Wagenen previously was an agent and represented the former Yankees slugger. GO @jeffklein68 Receive latest stories and local news in your email: The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership. Subscribe today to support local journalism and help us to build a stronger community. 2 Photos jeff.klein@columbian.comlast_img read more

Support for Eventing Rider Who Will Compete for Jamaica at Olympics

first_img The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, today told Lydia Heywood, the English-born Eventing rider who plans to represent Jamaica at the next Olympics: “You can expect assistance from the Ministry as you make your preparations to represent us.”The 21-year-old Heywood, who was first taken to Jamaica as a baby is on what is now her second visit. She met with Miss Grange at the Minister’s New Kingston offices today.The Sport Minister assured Heywood that she would be making a number of approaches which should result in significant resources for her programme of preparation between now and 2020 when the Olympics will take place in Japan.“We are thrilled that you have decided to represent Jamaica and we could do no less than to assist you to achieve your goals”, Miss Grange told Heywood.Heywood, whose father hails from Clarendon, is accompanied on her visit by her mother Clare, who is English.She said: “I started at 10 on my Eventing journey when I joined a pony club in Gloucestershire where we live and I have trained hard through the years to perfect each stage of Eventing which are dressage, show jumping and cross country.“I know my drive for success will get me to my goal of winning Jamaica’s first Olympic equestrian medal.”Minister Grange said that, she wanted Heywood, who returns to England next Monday, to visit Jamaica soon again, “as we wish to put you out there to the Jamaican public.”Eventing is an equestrian event where a single horse and rider combination compete against other combinations across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. The 21-year-old Heywood, who was first taken to Jamaica as a baby is on what is now her second visit. She met with Miss Grange at the Minister’s New Kingston offices today. The Sport Minister assured Heywood that she would be making a number of approaches which should result in significant resources for her programme of preparation between now and 2020 when the Olympics will take place in Japan. Story Highlights The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, today told Lydia Heywood, the English-born Eventing rider who plans to represent Jamaica at the next Olympics: “You can expect assistance from the Ministry as you make your preparations to represent us.”last_img read more

Enjoy a Different Kind of Island Life at this Private Scottish Escape

first_img 1 of 4 Eileen ShonaThe cottage is fully off-grid with the heating and hot water running entirely on the sitting room stove, the kitchen appliances relying on gas, and fresh, peat-filtered water pumped from a nearby spring. Custom wall-mounted gas lamps light the space. Not surprisingly, the cottage is intentionally disconnected with no phone, no TV, and no Internet access. Although, for those who can’t be without their Instagram fix, the island’s common hall promises a cell signal and Wi-Fi.The best part about Shepherd’s Cottage might just be the price. A full week’s rental runs just £900 (less than USD $1,200) with bed linens, towels, two bags of coal, and roundtrip transfers to the mainland from Eilean Shona included. If the shepherd’s life isn’t your speed, the island boasts a handful of other cottages, each with a one-of-a-kind design, amenities, and vibe. Whichever you choose, just don’t forget to pack your best work boots, a herding staff, and a cloak.Stronsay, another Scottish island, is also looking for visitors. Eileen ShonaNew for 2019, Eilean Shona debuted Shepherd’s Cottage, a classic, shepherd-inspired cabin now open to short-term guests for the first time. It’s an idyllic off-grid bolthole perfect for couples, writers on retreat, or anyone looking to “find themselves.” The refurbished digs feature a traditional, one-story stone exterior.Inside, the design embraces its heritage with a look that’s contemporary, yet timeless. There’s tongue-and-groove paneling and whitewashed surfaces throughout to help maximize natural light. The cozy, 750-square-foot floor plan includes everything guests might need for a simple, secluded getaway: a bedroom with a king-sized bed, a Victorian roll-top bath, and a sitting room with fantastic views. Eilean Shona Stay Free on This Private Swedish Island to Work on Your Magnum Opus Previous Eilean Shona Eilean Shona Eilean Shona Eilean Shona is an impossibly beautiful private island tucked into a glassy loch on the rugged west coast of Scotland. It’s a lush, natural haven with no cars, few people, and a pace of life that all but stands still. Less than a dozen rustic cabins and cottages dot the island. All promise guests the utmost privacy, while they while away their days building campfires, swimming the lake, crabbing, painting, picnicking, or strolling the island’s pristine wooded coastal paths. Leisurely lake kayaking is available for those who want something slightly more adventurous.center_img This Little House in Washington Has Big Personality Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms This All-Black Cabin is Like a Pair of Binoculars Taking in the Canadian Wilderness Next For most travelers, a “private island escape” conjures visions of sunny tropical isles with personal chefs, unlimited neon drinks, and a beach all to themselves. However, for those seeking a different kind of getaway, there’s Scotland’s Eilean Shona, a self-described “Neverland” where visitors are encouraged to appreciate the lost art of sitting still and doing … nothing. Editors’ Recommendations This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway Eilean Shona last_img read more

The 9 Best Hot Sauces to Spice Up Your Life

first_img What’s So Great About the Icelandic Hot Dog? $37 from Walmart $0 from Walmart $10 from Ghost Scream 7 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy With Cooler Weather $9 from Amazon The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather Ghost Scream Vindaloo CurryGhost Scream’s hot sauces ain’t nothing to f*ck with. No matter which type you buy, you are sure to get a flavorful and hot as hell sauce. Their Vindaloo Curry sauce is made with scorpion peppers, curry powder, and coconut oil making it the perfect addition to many Indian or Caribbean dishes. Pretty viscous, be careful with this one. Too much and you’ll be breathing yellow fire long after you’ve finished eating. $9 from Amazon Kumana Avocado Hot SauceAvocado toast might prevent us from buying houses, but avocado hot sauce gives us everything we want from the alligator pear and then some. Somewhat creamy and with just enough of a kick, this hot sauce by Kumana will liven up any taco plate out there. Or better yet, seek out some Venezuelan food, where the avocado hot sauce is a staple. Huy Fong Sambal OelekSambal, and Indonesian chili sauce or paste, is a staple in cuisines all over Southeast Asia. Made from a variety of peppers (as well as other ingredients), you’re likely to find some kind of sambal just about everywhere. Sambal Oelek is one type of sambal, which uses raw chilis that are ground into a paste (ulek is the word for the crushing and twisting motion used). If the Huy Fong logo looks familiar, it’s because they also produce Sriracha (though our money is on sambal any day of the week). Secret Aardvark Habanero SauceTaking the title of “Coolest Hot Sauce Name,” Secret Aardvark is more than just a cool-sounding name. Blending Tex-Mex and Caribbean flavors, Secret Aardvark’s sauce highlights the heat of habanero peppers by using the sweet and smoky flavor of roasted tomatoes. This sauce works better as a marinade to us, because we love when the flavor is allowed time to penetrate a cut of meat. $8 from Amazon $7 from Amazon $23 from Walmart Torchbearer Slaughter SauceThis sauce makes the list because not only is it tasty, but it has an awesome name that matches a certain member of The Manual’s staff. Make with habanero peppers, this sauce is known for its slow burn. What starts out somewhat sweet heats up quickly, lasting for a good bit after you’ve swallowed. Torchbearer makes a variety of sauces, but this one ranks at the top for us.center_img Crystal Hot SauceAn underrated classic, Crystal is a Louisiana classic. Produced sine 1923, Crystal is a bit softer in terms of heat than the other Louisiana staple, Tabasco, but to some is more flavorful. This is an everyday hot sauce if we’ve ever seen one and is great on everything. Literally. $11 from Amazon $18 from Amazon How to Shave With a Straight Razor Editors’ Recommendations The Best Products to Combat Swamp Crotch and Sweaty Balls Julien McRoberts/Getty imagesHot sauce is as essential a condiment as ketchup, mustard, or mayo. Not only does it heat up anything it touches, but the vinegar and pepper flavors often work to liven up other flavors in the dish you’re eating. At the very least, hot sauce makes us feel good on a biological level, thanks to the capsaicin you’ll find in any hot sauce.Not all hot sauces are created equal, however. Some are just too hot, created as a novelty more than anything while others do not have a balanced flavor that allows for equal parts heat and deliciousness.Below, check out the 9 best hot sauces you can buy right now (which is faster than the other option, making your own). They range in type of pepper and heat level, so there’s a little something for everyone.Tabasco Raspberry ChipotleIf there is a dessert hot sauce, this is it. While most of us know Tabasco from their iconic hot sauce, their Raspberry Chipotle is no sleeper. Smoky like their original Chipotle sauce, the raspberry adds a level of sweetness that, when combined, is reminiscent of a bar of find dark chocolate. Wuju Original Hot SauceA sweet and tropical take on hot sauce, Wuju’s hot sauces are made with mango and habanero peppers, which create sweet, somewhat mild heat from the moment it hits your lips until after you’ve swallowed your bite of food. The pepper notes mix well with the mango on a variety of dishes. If you want to amp it up, you can check out their extra hot version of the sauce. $9 from Boxed $2 from Walmart $10 from Amazon $2 from Target $41 from Walmart Moore’s Spicy Mustard Hot SauceDon’t go into this one expecting yellow mustard simply mixed with hot sauce. One of the many hot sauces made by Moore’s Marinades & Sauces, this sauce is more about accentuating flavors than it is burning your taste buds off. Cayenne peppers give it is heat, while turmeric and mustard bring a deeper flavor to a host of dishes. It can easily act as a dipping sauce as much as something you douse a sandwich with.last_img read more

Lemons Limes Grapefruits Oh My A Beginners Guide to Cocktail Citrus

first_img 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World Editors’ Recommendations How to Sleep Outdoors: Bring the Best Gear for a Good Night’s Sleep It’s hard to think of a cocktail that’s not made complete with citrus fruit. Think about the twists of lemon, the squirts of lime or even a glass of orange juice and citrus is a quintessential piece of cocktail culture. The fresh tartness or sweetness from citrus fruits does wonders to bring a cocktail to life. The acids in citrus fruits play beautifully against the alcohol and sugar in cocktails, as they cut each other’s unpalatable extremes. Plus, many gins and liqueurs end up using citrus fruits or, at least, express notes of the fruits. If you’re new to cocktails and are unsure what citrus you should be using in cocktails, we’ve got you covered. After we go over the benefits of fresh juice vs. bottled juice, we’ve got a guide for all of the common citrus ingredients in cocktails and then some.Fresh Juice vs. Bottled JuiceLet’s make this clear, fresh is almost always better than pre-packaged juice. That also goes for pre-packaged juice, the fresher, the better. Fresher juice offers a much better zip does a better job tying together cocktails.  Like any produce, the global agricultural market makes citrus available pretty much any time of the year, but make no mistake, winter is when they’re generally tasting the best. A firm peel with a little give and feels heavy for how big it looks are the prime indicators the fruit is ideal. And when we say fresh, we mean fresh. Squeeze while making, lest you lose the aromatics through oxidation.Bottled juice is more consistent than juice from several fruits, but that’s just a risk you should take with the freshness. If you are having a party where many cocktails will be consumed over a long period of time, bottled may be your best bet for the sake of ease. Just look for the freshest possible juice (as opposed to the frozen cylinder of concentrate that you mix with water).Types of Citrus for CocktailsLimeLime should be a staple — well all of these should be — on a bar, in a kitchen, or anywhere a drink might be made. As a key ingredient in countless cocktails, limes certainly have an argument to be the most important citrus fruit in the cocktail biz, and probably the most refreshing. There are a number of different lime varieties around the world, which include: makrut, finger limes, and key limes.Works well in: Few cocktails showcase lime like a mojito or daiquiri, but a slice of lime is a great complement to many drinks.LemonA twist of lemon rind finishes enough drinks, but the sour flavor can be used in so many ways in juice form. There are a lot of varieties of lemons, perhaps most famously Meyer, but the Lisbon and Eureka lemons are the most common supermarket varieties. If you can’t find Meyer lemons, don’t fret, the other types we named do wonders in cocktails.Works well in: Lemon juice is best experienced in a whiskey sour or add a twist to a martini — and if you’re feeling really frisky a Lemon Drop. OrangeThere are an incredible amount of cocktails using orange juice as a base, and it makes sense, as so many people use it as a base to start their day.  From champagne and OJ in a mimosa to a Fuzzy Navel, orange juice finds its way into many drinks. Oranges are incredibly versatile when it comes to the liquor its paired with as well. Vodka, rum, and tequila all mix well in OJ, while orange peels offer a nice accouterment to whiskey drinks. As with lemons and limes, there are a number of different species of orange, each with different levels of sweetness and flavor.Works well in: You can go all out and mix vodka and orange juice for a screwdriver, or just garnish a fantastic Old Fashioned with an orange peel. It’s a very versatile fruit, plus they taste good on their own!GrapefruitThis big fruit is a familiar sight on breakfast tables and is a great juice to drink on its own, plus the fruit is simply delicious. Grapefruits do come in a lot of different varieties with varying flesh colors and flavors. Most often, grapefruit will be a gorgeous mix of sweet and tart, making it a perfect mixture for plenty of spirits. Grapefruit finds a fantastic match in gin, which oftentimes has botanicals reminiscent of grapefruit if grapefruit isn’t in it to begin with.Works well in: Try grapefruit in a Paloma with tequila, a Salty Dog, or simply a slice of grapefruit in a vodka soda.Mandarin Oranges, Clementines, and TangerinesMandarin oranges and Clementines are basically small oranges (more on that in a second), but with a little bit more burst of flavor, so long as they’re ripe. Common oranges are a hybrid of Mandarin oranges while clementines are a hybrid of a willowleaf mandarin and a sweet orange. Tangerines are larger than either, also a hybrid of Mandarins, and hail originally from Morocco. Like the other two, the taste is sweeter and more potent than oranges.Works well in: If you’re going to use any of these fruits, it will work well in just about every instance where you might use an orange.YuzuIppei Naoi/Getty ImagesLooking a bit like an ugly lemon the size of an orange, yuzus aren’t great for eating on their own, just like limes and lemons, but the fragrant fruit is an amazing addition to recipes, both food and cocktail. Yuzu has a generally more mild flavor than lemons, but still sour and tart enough its uses should mostly be limited to juice and zest.Works well in: Yuzu has been a cocktail darling for a few years now and works well in place of lemon or lime in a variety of cocktails.Bergamot OrangeThe fruit is a bit befuddling since Bergamot is a type of orange, but it’s green like a lime. It’s a common piece in Grey teas (of the Lady and Earl varieties) and is so pungent it also makes its way into perfumes and colognes.Works well in: With its importance in the tea world, these oranges work well in gin-based drinks. In addition, it works well in homemade bitters thanks to its sourness. Getting to Know Rhum Agricole, Rum’s Grassy Sibling Helpful Wine Terminology So You Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking About The Best Gin Mixers to Have in Your Pantry at All Times last_img read more

Drool Over the Raddest AllWheelDrive Porsche 356 Outlaw Ever Built

first_img Escape the City and the Roads with the 2020 Subaru Outback Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports 1 of 25 Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Previous Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports 6 Fastest Cars in the World Right Now The New Land Rover Defender Is Just as Glorious as We Expected If you’re a fan of classic Porsches and you don’t know Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports, I’d love to know which rock you’ve been living under. For those that don’t know, the man and his shop pay meticulous attention to detail on all things Porsche 356. His Outlaw creations originally saw him banned from most Porsche clubs, but over the years, through his amazing body of work, Emory has become the go-to when you want a perfect and lightly resto-modded 356. That said, Emory’s latest build, dubbed the AllRad, is easily the coolest one he’s ever completed.Emory MotorsportsThe AllRad is a glorious union of both old and new with a healthy dose of “what if.” Emory and his team of hammer-wielding craftsmen took it upon themselves to mate the classic and timeless body lines of Porsche’s 356 and the technology behind a more modern Porsche 911’s all-wheel-drive system.Everything, however, is custom and everything is uniquely Emory. The driveline uses the all-wheel-drive transaxle transmission from a 964-generation 911 and joins it to a Rothsport Racing-built “Outlaw-4” flat-4 cylinder engine. The design of the engine is based on the 964’s 3.6-liter, flat-6 engine, but then reverse engineered to produce a four-cylinder iteration that develops 200 horsepower. More than enough to have all the fun in the world, especially when the car weighs next to nothing tipping the scales at just 2,100 lbs. A Breakdown of All the Major Types of Car Racing Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Given the all-wheel-drive system’s incorporation, as well as the recent popularity of Safari-style 911 builds, Rod and his team spared no detail and graced the AllRad with a manually controlled, rally-style, differential bias control. This lets the driver switch the power delivery between front and back or side to side for pin-point control when the road ends and Monte-Carlo’s infamous gravel stages come into view. Emory’s crew of black-magic Porsche-files also gave the AllRad the brakes from a 964-generation 911 as well. Shod on the custom Emory-special wheels are a set of Pirelli Ice Zeros ready to tackle all sorts of off-road adventures.It took four years for Emory and his team to finish the AllRad. Four years of laser scans, hand-beating the AllRad’s metal body and mating all the disparate components together to form the cohesive and drop-dead gorgeous beauty you see before you. That said, now that all the work and sweat has been done and wicked away, given the right amount of cash, I’m sure Emory would be more than happy to continue the series and give you the 356 of your dreams. For me, I’d like mine in body-in-white white, a slightly taller ride height, maybe a few more horsepower, and some trick bucket seats for a full rally-takeover. If anyone wants to loan me a couple hundred grand, I’d be very appreciative. Emory Motorsports center_img Next Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Editors’ Recommendations Emory Motorsports Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports Emory Motorsports last_img read more