first_imgFew sites in the peer-to-peer file sharing world are more recognizable than The Pirate Bay. The site’s founding fathers continue fighting a highly-publicized battle in Sweden’s courts while simultaneously shrugging off DNS blocking attempts around the globe, supporting net neutrality, and speaking out against things like SOPA. Now, they’re implementing a small change that will eventually make the site more efficient: swapping the default download option to Magnet links. Site admins have said before that Magnets are every bit as usable as torrents nowadays, and chances are good that your torrent client has supported Magnet links for quite some time.As far as how things work, most users will never know the difference. Whereas a torrent includes information about the file and folder payload it will deliver, a Magnet link contains only a series of parameters, including the hash value of a torrent (with traditional torrent files, your client calculates the hash after it opens the .torrent). Client apps then begin looking for associated files in the swarm, rather than pulling down a list of peers from a tracker like The Pirate Bay.Every time you use a Magnet link, you save sites the TPB bandwidth, too. If you’re not the type to support an index or tracker by buying t-shirts, clicking ads, or donating, you can at least help out by grabbing a Magnet instead of a torrent.And because Magnet links don’t include the same detailed information about specific files that are to be downloaded, they should make it a little bit harder for copyright groups to successfully prosecute TPB — and other similar sites — in the future. That’s certainly welcome news for those of you who just want a way to watch your favorite TV shows a few days before they’re available in your neck of the woods.More at TorrentFreak and Pirate Baylast_img

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